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Hi, my name is Victoria and I was with Ted for four months.  He was one of the few guys I've ever dated who was willing to wait awhile before we got too physical.  He was patient and never rushed my decision.  His selflessness and his romantic ways made me fall deep in love.  I wanted to know him, like, know his soul. 


During our relationship, Ted was like an everyday poet.  Once, without any planning, he said some of the most moving words I have ever heard, about how the beauty of a moment is found in the fact that it is fleeting. 


Things were going great, and I thought I had found THE ONE.  But, then I got a prestigious internship at a culinary institute in Germany.  So Ted and I had to decide whether I should stay or go.  I had made up my mind that I would stay with Ted and turn down the internship offer, yet right before I gave Ted my decision, I realized that I couldn't turn down the opportunity.   

Ted and I tried long-distance, but I think deep down we both knew it wouldn't work, no matter how hard we tried.  And he really tried.  He sent me a New York City gift package with a copy of the New York Times.  He is such a sweet and creative guy!


Yet, we both knew that it wasn't working out.  And then one night when I called him to have the always difficult I-don't-think-this-is-working-out talk, one of his female friends, Robin answered.  When Ted called me back a few minutes later, he didn't try to hide what he was up to.  He had been over there, ready to call me from Robin's bathroom in order to break up with me.  We had a big fight, said some things we both regret, and it was over.


I know what you are thinking. 


What a jerk!  I can't believe you don't think this guy is a jerk!


But Ted wasn't, and still isn't, a jerk.  We were foolish to think that we could make a long-distance relationship work.  And we both did things that we probably shouldn't have been doing. 


Ultimately, I understand the loneliness he felt, because I was feeling the same loneliness here in Germany.


Oh, I was certainly mad at Ted for awhile.  But time has healed these wounds and I only have good memories left of him. 


So, Ted Mosby is definitely not a jerk.  In fact, he is one of the greatest men I have ever known.


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