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(updated 8/23/2008)



Conan O'Brien 

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That means that you have probably seen the Liar's sketchings of him.  Just in case, I will post a couple here.


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The Liar looks likes a fairly decent artist, so I believe that this is what she thinks Ted Mosby looks like.  The only problem is Ted doesn't look anything like this!  Ted rarely ever wears suits (he prefers paint-stained jeans) and his hair is a cute and playful sort of messy.  But the guy in the picture has finely groomed hair.


Something doesn't add up!!!


So, I got to thinking.  Maybe it wasn't Ted after all!  Maybe someone was pretending to be Ted!


I know it sounds crazy, but let's pretend this is true for a second.  Who would fit the profile?


Let's see...


1.  He lives in New York.

2.  He is a known womanizer.

3.  He would do anything to get what he wants out          of a woman.

4.  He has finely groomed hair.

5.  He wears suits all the time.

6.  He has weak, girly hands like those seen in the           pictures that the Liar drew.


Now, who fits all these descriptions?  Again, I know I sound crazy, but it could only be one person.....





Just look at the pictures the Liar drew...it looks just like him!


And the facts add up:


1.  Conan lives in New York.

2.  Conan's sexcapades are well known throughout          the English-speaking world (and even in                    Germany!).

3.  Conan is a well known liar and seducer.

4.  Conan has the most perfect hair in the history            of mankind.

5.  Conan wears a suit every night on his show.

6.  Conan has weak, effeminate hands that can               hardly grasp a hammer.


So, what do you think?  Is Conan O'Brien pretending to be Ted Mosby, architect, so he can pick up a woman, have his way with her, and never call her again?


Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas who the real Ted Mosby might be.

He doesn't look anything like the drawings!!!

The REAL Ted Mosby???