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(updated 8/23/2008)



Conan O'Brien 

I finally had the opportunity to talk with Natalie over AIM.  Here is how our conversation went...

berlinbakergirl: hey natalie


Auto response from kravmagaqueen: On a bus stop in the town

"We Rule The School"

Written for everyone to see and read


On a bus stop in the town

"We Rule The School"

Written for everyone with eyes in their head


berlinbakergirl: u there?


kravmagaqueen returned at 8:00:54 PM. 


kravmagaqueen: hey


berlinbakergirl: hey, are you ready for this legendary-(wait for it)-dary showdown?


kravmagaqueen: um, i guess


kravmagaqueen: i am pretty sure i can convince u that ted IS a jerk


berlinbakergirl: well good luck with that...but first...that's a strange away message...where does it come from?


kravmagaqueen: oh its a belle and sebastian song...my favorite


kravmagaqueen: anyways, you wanna hear my story of ted's jerkhood?


berlinbakergirl: i guess


kravmagaqueen: Okay, what happened is, he broke my heart over my answering machine—on my birthday, waited three years for me to get over him. Tracked me down, begged me to go out with him again only so he could dump me three weeks later. Again on my birthday!


berlinbakergirl: wow


kravmagaqueen: then he told me i was uneffable!!!


berlinbakergirl: well i am really sorry for all of that


berlinbakergirl: but everyone makes mistakes...


berlinbakergirl: havent u ever made a mistake?


kravmagaqueen: well once i left my tea candles lit when i went to work


kravmagaqueen: burned a bunch of my sock monkeys


berlinbakergirl: u have sock monkeys?


kravmagaqueen: yea, i collect them


kravmagaqueen: ted even got me one when we got back together


kravmagaqueen: when he broke up with me a second time (again on my birthday!!!), i was so mad that i ran him threw a wood chipper...fargo style


kravmagaqueen: it was the sock monkey's fault!


kravmagaqueen: he made me get back with ted...he told me to give the guy another chance


kravmagaqueen: and he said self respect was overrated!


berlinbakergirl: your sock monkeys talk to you?


kravmagaqueen: of course!!! what else would they do???


berlinbakergirl: ok...


berlinbakergirl: well you are clearly clinically insane...in germany we would call you an arschgeischt


berlinbakergirl: but igtg...i need to finish frosting my cupcakes, and then off to tap dancing lessons


kravmagaqueen: okay, i need to go to krav maga lessons anyways, i am an instructor now!


Auto response from berlinbakergirl: don't hassel the hoff



kravmagaqueen: wow

So the only person who thinks the REAL Ted Mosby is a jerk is certifiably insane!!!


Because Ted Mosby is not a jerk!!!


Feel free to message Natalie or me sometime to let us know how awesome Ted is and how wrong Natalie is!


Or e-mail me.